IWB/OWB convertable holster in one called the Switch Guard.  IWB OWB convertable holster desgned and made for real people.



Oct 18, 2015:
Major website update.

Switch Guard - $115 ReinforcedSwitch Guard convertable IWB/OWB holster all in one.


  • Best of The Slide OWB with belt slot connection
  • Best of Double Snap IWB with removeable belt loops with snaps
  • All Leather
  • Reinforced Opening to handle IWB and OWB carry 
  • Covers the trigger and full side guard
  • Stainless steel hardware removeable for OWB carry 



    • Left or right hand
    • Black, Brown or Natural (no dye) 
    • Cant zero to 20 degrees (normal 15 deg)
    • Belt width from 1" to 2" (normal 1.5")

    Customer Feedback:

    • Love having one holster that can do IWB or OWB with just adding or removing the snap connections. 
    • I normally carry OWB but once in a while IWB carry is better because my cover garment is shorter.  This is the perfect and cheaper solution to two separate holsters. 
    • Love the stainless steel hardware because I do sweat and have had problem with other holsters.