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Jan 6, 2013:
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As everyone knows women are different from men!  So why would holsters makers think a holster that works well for 90+% of men will work for 90% of women. 

Some challenges include:

  1. Shorter torso so need to worry about how high the holster rides
  2. Shorter torso and longer arms makes it harder to draw further back on the body so cant of the holster may need to be different
  3. Curves makes it harder for a holster to sit comfortably when the curve pushes the top of the holster into their side
  4. Because smaller shoulder distance makes cross draw easier for women because they can reach further across their body
  5. Most women dont wear a normal gun belt because of the close they wear or style they are trying to obtain
  6. Many women wear either no belt or a very marginal belt so OWB holsters riding on the belt are not an option
  7. Standard men's colors don't excite women and would love to have something different
  8. Purse carry a women can be separated from the purse so you loose access to the gun

What normally works well for women?

  1. IWB Appendix carry between belly buttom and front of a women's hip has a natural dip to help hide a handgun
  2. Cross draw works for many women that it is not easy to reach behind their hip
  3. Lower riding holster generally work better
  4. A vertically flat area around the hips on a women is a very good place to carry a handgun
  5. A flat backed holster like a The Snap or Cross Guard for OWB that does not pull as tight against women's side work better
  6. Side Guard protection will help limit the uncomfortable nature of carrying a handgun
  7. An IWB Side Guard metal security clip will hold on to pants or marginal belts making it easier to carry and draw a handgun - example a Double Clip or Minimal Clip
  8. Purse carry can be a valid solution however we always recommend a holster to cover the trigger of the gun like a pocket holster Rough Out or Minimal Clip that you can clip on the inside of your purse 

Options to personalize your holster from Side Guard!

  1. Custom colors like blue, purple, pink are available for you to request as standard others will be evaluated on case by case but ask!
  2. Exotic skins for OWB holsters like Stingray, alligator, rattlesnake and python
  3. Stampings to personalize the gun see below
  4. Sky is the limit so ask us what your looking for!

The Slide  - $75 The Slide exotic  Linda Lou Exotic Rattle Snake

Good Option for Women When?

  • There is a vertically flat portion of their body is available to wear the holster
  • A real gun belt is available to carry the weight of the gun and holster
  • Maximum concealment is required 


    The Snap - $85 or $95 Reinforced 

  • Good Option for Women When? Note: Most ordered OWB by women!!!

  • A real gun belt is available to carry the weight of the gun and holster
  • The flat back of the holster will keep the holster from jamming into your side.
  • Best OWB option for women with curves 

    Cross Guard $85 or $95 Reinforced

    Good Option for Women When? Note: Second most ordered OWB holster by women.

  • Not enough room inside your pants/slacks for IWB
  • Smaller revolvers or flat semi-auto handguns are going to be carried
  • Reaching across your body feels right compared to at or behind your hip
  • Shoulder or arm problems keep you from using strong side carry

    Double Clip - $75 or 85 Reinforced

    Good Option for Women When?

    • A flater area around the waist is availabe to carry the handgun
    • Strong side carry with a thin semi-auto handgun
    • Want to keep the gun from moving around while wearing
    • Smooth exterior both front and back 

    Quick Clip -$55 

    Good Option for Women When?

    • Reinforced top for one handed re-holstering is desired 
    • Good option for appendix carry 
    • Rough out exterior and smooth interior to keep the holster from moving around 

    Hammar - $65

    Good Option for Women When?

    • A large to medium handgun with strong side carry
    • Double Loop with snap connections requires a belt for use 
    • 15 degree cant only so strong side carry only
    • Rough out exterior and smooth interior for easy draw 

    Tuck Clip - $70 

    Good Option for Women When?

    • When a need for tuckable holster for smaller gun and room to conceal it in their slacks or pants 
    • Appendix tuckable solution with zero degree cant and lower ride
    • Smooth exterior against skin is required  

    Minimal Clip - $40 Pink Minimal Clip

    Good Option for Women When? Note: Most chosen IWB holster for women

    • When women are wearing form fitting cloths
    • Perfect for Appendix carry
    • Will work with no belt or a marginal belt due to our metal clip 


    Rough Wallet - $50 fixed Rough Wallet Pocket Holsters $60 reversable 

    Good Option for Women When?

    • Coat pocket carry where the anti-print pannel will help
    • Good coverage for purse carry 

    Rough Out - $25 Rough Out Pocket Holsters

    Good Option for Women When? Note: Most chosen pocket holster for women

    • Thinnest pocket holster for pocket carry
    • Minimal holster suggested for purse carry