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Great Holster Carry Options for Bersa Handguns by Side Guard Holsters

Holster options for Bersa Handguns for IWB and OWB carrying 9cc, 40cc, Thunder Ultra Carry 9/40/45, Tunder Ultra Carry Pro 9/40/45, Thunder 380, Thunder 380 CC handgun models are supported. I own a Bersa 9cc, Thunder Ultra Carry 9mm and Thunder Ultra Carry 40 Pro and carry them all the time.  The Slide OWB holsters work well for all Bersa handguns.  We make a lot of Bersa holsters and below are the most recommended options for carrying Bersas

Bersa Thunder 380, Bersa Thunder 380CC, Bersa Thunder Ultra Carry 9, Bersa Thunder 9cc

OWB Recommendations:

The Slide - Great concealment pancake style holster for any Bersa handguns to make it concealable and comfortable to carry.


The Snap  - Great option for those who want a flat back side of the holster (many women perfer this type of holster), easy on and off holster with the leather loop with snaps and even more comfortable to wear but not as concealable compared to The Slide.

IWB Recommendations:

Double Clip or Double Snap  - Surprisingly comfortable to carry any Bersa but especially large guns like an Ultra Carry Pro in 9/40/45.  It holds the gun securely, does not move around on your belt with the two connections and pancake style makes for a very comfortable all day wear.  The Side Guard protects the gun from you and you from the gun especially the hammer and safety lever.


Hammar - Great strong side behind the hip holster that does not take up as much space but still with two leather loops with snaps.  It is reinforced and has Side Guard protection to protect yourself from the hammer and safety lever.  Would work well for any Bersa handgun.


Quick Clip or Quick Snap - Single connection, reinforced opening and Side Guard protection.  Minimizes the size of the holster, enables easy reholstering but secure hold on your belt.  Works well for any Bera handgun.

Minimal Clip or Minimal Snap - Thin holster, single connection, Side Guard protection and appendix carry option.  Many women carry their handguns expecially Bersa Tunder 380 and 380 CC.  The new Bersa 9CC or 40CC would work well in this holster. 

Go to the linked pages to see more information on holsters for your Bersa Handguns.