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Which Type of Concealed Carry Holster Do You Need?

Each type of holster has its place.  If you know what you want, choose from the links at left of page.  If not, keep reading.

A Holster for a Woman

Every woman is different so what might work for some women won't work for others. We love working with women to come up with a solution that will work for them.  That could be just a different color to a modified design based on body types.

Holsters Desgined for Each Woman

An IWB (Inside the Waist Band) Holster

The IWB holster is for people who want to conceal the holster and gun by having as most of the gun inside the pant.  It does a good job of doing that but can be (depending on the holster and gun combo) uncomfortable to wear all day long.  IWB conceals better than OWB.

Side Guard Holsters IWB Holster Options

An OWB (Outside the Waist Band) Holster

The OWB holster is for people who have a carry solution (gun, holster, belt and cover garments) that allow them to carry the holster on the belt itself.  The belt is a very imporant part of any OWB solution.  OWB is generally considered more comfortable than any other solution.

A Pocket Holster

The pocket holster is for people who want to carry a BUG (Back Up Gun) or choose to carry a smaller pistol or revolver in their pants, coat or other pocket/purse.  This works with J-frame, Kahrs and Kel-tec guns among others.

Side Guard Holster Pocket Holster Options

Accessories and Belts

Accessories are important so you have extra magazines for the pistol or reloads for your carry gun when you need them.  Also the most important part of any carry system "The Belt".  With accessories you will have a complete carry package.

Side Guard Holsters Care

Your Side Guard Holster is fully sealed with a top coat making it virtually care free.  If the holster is dirty, use a soft damp cloth to wipe off the holster and allow to dry.  If the holster is wet, remove the gun and wipe off the holster with a soft dry cloth and allow to dry.  Do not use oils, creams or other "leather care" products because most will not work due to the top coats we use.  If you use them on the holsters you will void the warrenty.  If your holster is deeply scratched down to bare non-dyed leather you can use some matching shoe polish to touch up.


No questions asked 30 day warranty for full refund minus shipping costs, replacement of the holster with the same or different model is available.  Please contact via email before returning.

After 30 days to 6 months, please contact to discuss.

Choose from the links at the left to learn more and see what options I provide. My current lead time is 11-12 weeks.  Thank you, Erik

Side Guard Holster Branded Gifts and Apparel

Here is a link to the latest Side Guard Holsters shirts, mugs, hats, coats and various apparel.

Side Guard Holsters Gifts and Apparel